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Chams Adventures Ltd is a tours and travel company in Nairobi Kenya, aimed at promoting Kenya as a distinct destination in Africa and the larger Universe. We purpose to enhance our tourism and travel industry’s contribution to the country’s social and economic growth, through being the face of Kenya to both the local and international populace.

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What Sets Chams Adventures Apart

At Chams Adventures, we take pride in being your trusted travel partner. With our passion for exploration, commitment to excellence, and dedication to your satisfaction, we offer you a travel experience like no other. Discover the reasons why travelers choose us for their unforgettable journeys:
We don't just create trips; we craft memories that etch themselves into your soul. Join us, and discover the exceptional within Kenya's embrace.

Crafted Dreams

Our itineraries are masterpieces, meticulously curated to immerse you in the heart of Kenya's magic.

Personalization Redefined

Your journey is your story, and we tailor it with the precision of a bespoke suit.

Local Pioneers

We're not just tourists; we're passionate explorers who reveal Kenya's hidden treasures.

Beyond Kenya

Kenya at our core, we connect you to explore East African treasures, expanding your adventure.

Inclusive Experiences

We embrace diversity, ensuring accessible tours for all to savor Kenya.

24/7 Alchemy

Our commitment to your adventure knows no time constraints.



Discover more about Kenya's stunning national parks experience the western circuit, coastal magic and more by reading the many articles and news that we provide on our blog each month.
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