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Meet the Team

Betty Shikanga, Director

Betty Shikanga is a founding partner of Chams Adventures Ltd. A seasoned teacher, a natural leader, and travel enthusiast, Betty has a rich background in Education and Leadership. She is highly skilled at relationship building across organizations and teams, adept at assessing needs, generating options, and implementing solutions. Well-seasoned in Kenyan culture and History. Betty enjoys vacation and is deliberate about travel and fun!

Felix Shikanga, Director

Felix is a founding partner of Chams Adventures Ltd. He is a Medical Doctor by profession, with a passion for tourism and adventure. An energetic, progressive, forward-thinking leader who is extremely adept at organizing information, maintaining schedules, streamlining communications, and keeping things running smoothly.

Alex Chamwada, Director

Alex is yet another co- founder of Chams Adventures Ltd. He is Prominent Kenyan Journalist with international repute, and the CEO and founder of Chams Media Ltd, the sister company to Chams Adventures. Alex is well known for extensive travel both locally and abroad, and his name is notably synonymous with the now internationally acknowledged ‘Daring Abroad’. Its no wonder that Alex is passionate about travel and seeks to share his travel platforms with his ardent viewers with a similar passion.

Caroline Chamwada, Director

Carol is not just a co-founder of Chams Adventures Ltd, but also Co-director of CHAMs Media Ltd. She is a Human Resource Professional with a wealth of experience in the tourism industry both as a marketing manager and managing director. She has travelled widely across continents (Europe, Asia, Africa and America) showcasing Kenyan tourist attractions through exhibitions and other travel meetings. Carol brings on board a wealth of knowledge in tourism management both at strategic and operational level and has a passion for travel & fun.

Joshua Kombo, Operations manager

Joshua Kombo a student from Technical University Of Mombasa, pursuing bachelor's if science in Tourism Management, i like travelling and having fun at wilflife attractions and good destinations for camping with my friends.
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