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The Western circuit

Western Kenya is vast, and rich in natural reserves and heritage. This covers the entire Western and Nyanza region. This region of dense agriculture, rolling green valleys, and pockets of thick jungle is one of the parts of the country least known to travelers, it has been neglected by Safari operators and as a tourist, that may well work to your advantage. 
While the West undeniably lacks teeming herds of game stalked by lions and warriors in full regalia, what it offers is a series of delightful low key easily visited attractions.
For a start there are national parks: at Kakamega forest, a magnificent tract of equatorial rainforest bursting with species found nowhere else in Kenya. At Saiwa swamp, where access on foot allows you to get quite close to the rare Sitatunga antelope. At Ruma, where a lush valley harbors reticulated giraffe, roan antelope, and black rhinos. At Mt. Elgon, an extinct volcano to rival Mt Kanya in everything but crowds. Lake Victoria is an obvious place to make for the West, sprinkled with out of the way islands, populated by exceptionally friendly people.
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